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Shop Aspen Wood Products for high quality, responsibly harvested Aspen Excelsior, Aspen Bark and Aspen Sawdust. All our products are non-toxic, non-allergenic, eco-friendly, and 100% biodegradable.

Phase I

Initially, Aspen Wood Products in Mancos will manufacture:

Aspen Excelsior

Aspen Excelsior is made by shredding aspen logs. Naturally durable and non-allergenic, Aspen excelsior is cut into different lengths and thicknesses and packaged for a variety of uses.

Ribbon Cut

Aspen Bark

Our 100% biodegradable Aspen Bark is a beautiful, eco-friendly landscaping choice. A long-lasting, economical choice, Aspen bark decomposes slowly, regulating plant soil moisture and temperature.

Dyed Ribbon Cut

Aspen Sawdust

Aspen sawdust is a perfect supplement to livestock feed. Non-toxic and economic, Aspen sawdust is a healthy foraging substitute that adds natural fiber to your livestock’s diet.

Fine Cut

Phase II

In Phase II, we will introduce aspen wood pellets for stoves.

why aspen wood?

The Benefits of Aspen

The state of Colorado has nearly 5 million acres of Aspen forests. This makes up about 20% of the forested land in the state. The Quaking Aspen of Colorado is the state’s only widespread, native, deciduous tree.

Aspen is a sustainable tree. It prolifically reproduces itself and hundreds of sprouts can grow from a single root system. A unique feature of the Aspen tree is that it propagates, not by seed, but by cloning.

And, it is especially significant that after harvesting Aspen trees, reseeding to replace them is not necessary because they will reproduce themselves quickly.

The root system of the Aspen can survive for thousands of years. An Aspen grove in Utah known as Pando is said to be from a root system that may be over 80,000 years old.

Aspen is considered a hardwood. But it’s a soft, strong, and pliable type of hardwood that has a straight grain and a fine, constant texture…making it an easy wood to work with.

Why Excelsior?

What is Excelsior and how is it made?

Excelsior, known as wood wool in some parts of the world, is made by shredding aspen logs.  Peeled and split aspen logs are processed through a shredding machine which essentially shaves the log resulting in curled fibers of aspen wood, which are then compressed, baled and loaded on to trucks for transport.

Excelsior is a naturally strong, non-alergenic, durable fiber that is long-lasting. A variety of lengths and thicknesses can be produced for specific purposes. The unique curled strands with barbed-edges create an interlocking feature that is ideal for use in many diverse applications.


What is Excelsior used for?

A/C and cooler pads

One of Aspen’s characteristics is its water absorption and dissipation.  This allows cooler pads made from Aspen to be the best and most common option.  Aspen provides a clean and odor free pad, as well as being the most environment friendly option.

Erosion and Sediment Control

A primary application for excelsior is in erosion control efforts. It was one of the first wood by-products used for this purpose.

The curled and interlocking features of excelsior allow it to bond with the soil when wet. Once locked-in, the excelsior protects the soil surface. And, being permeable, vegetation regrowth is accomplished quickly.

Excelsior erosion control products are extremely durable and have a long life-span. However, since they are an all-natural material, they are biodegradable and will eventually compost and consequently will leave no residue behind.

Another use is in sediment control. Moving water transports loose materials such as rocks and soils. Utilized on slopes and in culverts or other water channels, logs and tubes made of excelsior can help control and minimize sediment migration.

Aspen excelsior is also used in HECPs. HECPs are Hydraulic Erosion Control Products. In other words, a wood mulch applied by hydraulic methods—spraying. Once again, the locking features of the product, along with the weed-free nature of Aspen make it an ideal mulch. It even comes in different colors.

Packing Material

Once again, the interlocking capabilities of excelsior make it an exceptional material to use in packing and shipping.  As an all-natural wood fiber, AWP Excelsior is the best green packing option.

Heavy or irregularly shaped items are not a problem with excelsior. Unlike other packing materials, excelsior can compress and mold itself to the shape of the object being packaged—all voids will be filled and the item will be secured.

Decorative Material

Excelsior is very popular for use in crafts and decorative applications such as wreaths and Christmas garlands. It is also used in gift boxes, floral arrangements, gift baskets, and Easter baskets.  Aspen excelsior is very conducive to dying and coloring creating a variety of decorative uses.

Bedding Material

Aspen excelsior is an absorbent, odorless, and dust-free product that serves as an excellent bedding material for pets and farm animals—it’s a healthier option than many other choices.

Other Uses for Excelsior;

Evaporative cooler pads

Archery targets

Stuffing in toy animals

And just an FYI—at one time it was used to fill mattresses and in medical bandages and compresses.

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