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Aspen Wood Products

Colorado’s leaders in Excelsior Aspen fiber

01. Experienced

Aspen Wood Products of Mancos, CO. is a sister company of Aspen Wall Wood of Dolores, CO. Though new to excelsior manufacturing, we have been in the paneling and lumber business since the mid-1970’s.

02. Quality

Aspen Wall Wood produces the highest quality Aspen paneling anywhere and is recognized as an industry leader in wood paneling.

03. Service

Providing a superior product and unrivaled customer service is our core value and our Mancos excelsior facility will be operated with the same proficiency and reliability.

Aspen Wood Products

Our Story

Before 2018

Aspen Wood Products and our sister company Aspen Wall Wood are experts at sustainably harvesting Aspen wood and producing natural, high-quality products. Aspen Wall Wood, based in Dolores, Colorado, has earned a solid reputation for quality paneling and lumber since the mid-’70s. The company started with pinewood products and transitioned to harvesting Aspen in the ’80s.  Since that time, Aspen has been the preferred wood for Aspen Wall Wood.

In 2018

In 2018, a year after the Western Excelsior plant burned down in Mancos, Colorado, Aspen Wall Wood bought the business and 35-acre property. After salvaging and restoring much of the former mill’s equipment, we built a new warehouse and rehired many of the plant’s experienced employees, adding to the employment base in the small local community.


Today, Aspen Wood Products continues the 40+ year history of Aspen Wall Wood, providing superior products, environmental preservation and unrivaled customer service.

Our Commitment

To The Environment

Aspen excelsior has been produced in this region since the 1950s. Our pledge to help sustain the pristine beauty of the Rocky Mountains and our national forests shows our commitment to continue to preserve the environment.

We use timber that has been sustainably harvested from Colorado’s San Juan National Forest. Our harvesting process follows logging guidelines created specifically to minimize the possibility of wildfires in the forest and mountain regions of western Colorado. In addition to wildfire mitigation, the logging programs are part of an overall forestry plan to revitalize the Aspen forest and reduce the carbon footprint.

Our Stewardship

Aspen Forest Sustainability

Aspen is a sustainable tree that self-propagates by cloning. It prolifically reproduces itself with hundreds of sprouts growing from a single root system, eliminating the need to reseed. A hearty hardwood tree, the root system of Aspens can survive for thousands of years. An Aspen grove in Utah known as Pando is said to be from a root system that may be over 80,000 years old.

We manufacture our Aspen Wood Products with environmental stewardship, product value, and customer service as our top priorities.

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