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Our Aspen Wood Excelsior is a naturally strong, durable fiber made from sustainably harvested Aspen logs that are processed through a shredding machine to create curled strands in a variety of lengths and thicknesses.
The unique curls with barbed edges create an interlocking feature that is ideal for use in erosion and sediment control, packing and shipping, and a wide variety of applications.

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Ways to use Aspen Excelsior

A/C and cooler pads

One of Aspen’s characteristics is its water absorption and dissipation. This allows cooler pads made from Aspen Excelsior to be the best and most common option. Aspen provides a clean and odor-free pad, as well as being the most environment friendly option.

Erosion Control

A primary application for Aspen Excelsior is in erosion control efforts. It was one of the first wood by-products used for this purpose. The unique interlocking structure of excelsior allows it to bond with the soil when wet. Once locked-in, the excelsior protects the soil surface while encouraging quick vegetation regrowth. Excelsior erosion control products are extremely durable and have a long lifespan. An all-natural, 100% biodegradable material, they will eventually compost leaving no residue behind.

Sediment Control

Another use of Aspen Excelsior is in sediment control. Moving water transports loose materials such as rocks and soils. Utilized on slopes and in culverts or other water channels, wattles and erosion logs and tubes made of Aspen excelsior can help control and minimize sediment migration.

Hydraulic Erosion Control Products (HECP)

Aspen excelsior is also used in Hydraulic Erosion Control Products (HECP). In other words, a wood mulch applied by hydraulic methods – spraying. Once again, the unique interlocking features of the product, along with the weed-free nature of Aspen make it an ideal mulch. It even comes in different colors.

Excelsior Target Backstops

Aspen Excelsior is the leading material used to make target backstops for the sport of archery. Highly compressed and solid, these super-absorbent fibers can be soaked to refresh and strengthen after use.

Packing and Shipping Alternative

Our Aspen Excelsior product is a viable natural alternative to styrofoam packing peanuts and other chemical-based shipping products and materials. Our renewable material is 100% natural, recyclable, safe for your products, safe for you, and safe for our environment. Unlike other packing materials, our Aspen Excelsior can compress and mold itself to the shape of the object being packaged, making it the perfect option for heavy or irregularly shaped items.

Decorative Material

Aspen Excelsior is very popular for use in crafts and decorative applications such as wreaths and Christmas garlands. It is also used in gift boxes and baskets, floral arrangements, and other creative projects. Aspen Excelsior is very conducive to dying and coloring creating a variety of decorative uses.

Animal Bedding

Aspen Excelsior is an absorbent, odorless, and dust-free product that serves as an excellent bedding material for pets and farm animals. A healthier option for nesting pads for chickens and turkeys and other livestock and pets.

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